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"I can’t recall a frontman who danced so badly, but at least Smith acknowledged he was “a terribly, awfully, embarrassingly bad dancer.”"
Review of Bastille’s show at The Milwaukee Theatre, October 18th 2014 (via ihatebastille)



dan and will in toronto, october 15th 2014

he looks like a dad

Of course Dan also has a Converse bag. 

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*pretends to be ready*


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"Let’s just do whatever the fuck we want and then when we have a collection of songs together we’ll see how it fits and decide what to do with it."
Dan Smith (via bast-ill)

Clip of new unknown bastille song for Drive - rescores!

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i love you… apparently” (cincinnati, october 17th 2014)

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+ boston, october 13 2014

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+cincinnati, october 17th 2014

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